So many new interests part 2

Having blogged a few days ago about new interests and skills that I am developing, I came across this blog pos via Raising Homemakers where Mica, the blog owner is giving away a whole load of fabric scraps. I thought that I would enter, as I stand more chance of winning than if I don't (not that I expect to anyway, I never win such things), but also a whole wodge of fabric scraps would be brilliant for enabling me to practice with the sewing machine. I have plans for birthday presents next year which involve a bit of sewing, but I want the sewing to be really really good, and I am nowhere near that stage at the moment.

I am excited about getting beheind the machine again, I love the sense of accomplishment when some piece of fabric turns into something recognisable and useful!

Ruth is loving the apron and oven gloves that I made her for her birthday to go with her play kitchen. She wears the apron whenever I wear mine to bake!


Val said…
This might seem a bit out of the blue, but I have some scraps that I would be happy to share. I have two sorts - quilting scraps that are all cottons, and then scraps of clothing fabrics. What's your preference? Drop me an e-mail and we can chat, and you can tell me where to send them. vrmarvinatsbcglobaldotnet