Lots to do

As my beautiful daughter would say!

We were away for the weekend, then Hubby had an extra couple of days off work. Which means today I am trying to do a week and halfs worth of ironing, clean 2 bathrooms, strip, wash and remake 2 beds, put ironing away and then try to do some sort of tidying blitz on the house as well.

Sleeping has been a precious commodity of late, as I am usually getting up 1-3 times a night every night. I am tired, and so trying to keep on top of everything seems like an insurmountable task. MIL has taken Ruth for the afternoon, and left by saying 'come on, lets give mummy some time to tidy up'. Nice. And this was from the woman who was worried that I am suffering from PND.

I have this huge list of things I need to do, to think about, to finish. And then there are the things I would love to be doing (namely sleep!) but I can't see any time or energy for that at the moment. I know this stage doesn't last for long, when the children are tiny, but at the moment it feels like an eternity. I was only weeping quietly to myself yesterday that Ruth is growing up so fast and will be going to preschool in 9 months time, turning into my mother! I am a mass of contradictory thoughts and feelings at the moment, though I would like to think I can blame it on my hormones!!

In order to make myself feel slightly better, I am going to achieve something today. I am going to complete all the ironing and putting away of said ironing and make the beds. The bathrooms can wait until tomorrow. Come on!!