Laundry days!

My umbly tumbly has broken. I use it A LOT. I know I shouldn't, for environmental reasons, for cost reasons etc, but we don't have a lot of space in which to dry large volumes of washing. I do a wash almost every day of baby/children gear, which includes muslins and bibs, pyjamas if they need it and other such things, and that is without doing the normal run of clothes washing, towel washing,and bedlinen washing that also has to be done on a weekly basis.

So I have had to re-think how I do my washing. Usually, I do a small load of baby stuff every day, then have Mondays where I do all the clothes for all 4 of us, Tuesdays is towels day and Wednesday is bedlinen day. But in the winter, the washing can take over 24 hours to dry, and we don't have the space or the clothing capacity for such a long lead time. So without the tumble dryer, I have been having to plan my washing carefully, to have the washing done on a timer so that it is done when the heating isn't on so I can hang it out when it is.

The clothes have been spread over 4 days instead of 1 and I think that the towels washing will mean I need to dig out our guest/swimming towels to use instead. No big deal, but requires a little more thought and planning than usual.

On the upside, we should save ourselves a lot of energy and thus have lower bills, and also I am very blessed to have a husband who is right this minute taking the umbly tumbly apart to see if and how he can fix it. And then maybe I'll use it only in moderation. Perhaps. It was -10 degrees celcius here this morning, so in order to get things dry, I'll need it!