In and out, sorted and saved

Out: A bag full of baby clothes for the British Heart Foundation (that is still on the doorstep awaiting collection the day after they said they'd be back for it)
A bag of rags for the local charity shop
Stacks of magazines that have been sitting around for years because they had articles I just knew I would need to refer to again. Not done so in 4 years, so out they went.

In: Curtains for Ruth's room. She's had a dim-out blind in there since she moved in last May, but we wanted something a little more soft and feminine for her. So she has deep pinky purple curtains as well. Bargain at £15 for the pair (fully lined) plus tie-backs.
A box of scrap material from Val, though 'scraps' is an unfair and unjust description for some of the pieces, there are loads there :)
A dress and a jumper for Ruth from her Granny's friend.

Sorted: All the baby and toddler clothes that took up a third of the big bed in Benjamin's bedroom and some of the very limited loft space. Now into 3 boxes.
Pictures up on Ruth's wall
Almost all Christmas presents. Except for Hubby's Dad. What do you get a man who has everything he ever wants? And his birthday is in January.

Saved: Another £10 by me cutting Hubby's hair. We've had the clippers for at least 5 years now. I cut Hubby's hair probably 10 times a year. The clippers cost £30. So we have saved £470 over that time.
Another £1 by making up the reusable baby wipes again. Quite hit and miss with doing this, harder to do now as I don't use the resuable nappies any more.
A cheaper food shop last week as I went to Lidl again instead of Tesco. However, have to go to Mr T today to stock up on all the things Lidl doesn't sell!