Contrasting Values

Being frugal, shopping around for the best deal on everything, but having a membership at a lovely leisure centre.

Having a membership at said leisure centre to teach the children to swim, to have some great family fun times and some adult relaxing times yet not buying eco/fairtrade/organic everything.

Being frugal, but having milk delivered from the milkman each day even though it is more expensive than buying from the supermarket.

Having milk delivered from the milkman to reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill (ok ok, I know it should be recycled, but I don't get around to making the trip to recycle and I get so fed up with all the plastic bottles on the kitchen floor)

These are just some of what appear to me to be contrasting monetary values. I feel that that is what drives a lot of our decisions. It is a shame that something so fiscal and hard should be the basis for how we live our lives, but for so many people this is the case. I once heard somewhere that money doesn't make you happy. But money gives you choices, and it is having that choice that makes you happy. So true.

For fundamental values about life, there is nothing contrasting about that. Our basic premise is to love God with all we have got, and love everyone else as ourselves. And I find nothing that contradicts that. I may not succeed all of the time, but it is the mantle to aim for.