So many new interests

Since coming home full time, I have developed so many new interests that some days I am not sure where I should be focusing my energies once the children are fully taken care of (yes, sleep, good plan!).

I am finding that my list of blogs in my bookmarks section reflect where I am at interest wise, and at the moment there are motherhood blogs, homemaking blogs, marriage blogs, frugal blogs, sewing blogs, Christianwomanhood blogs. All homeward pursuits, but some just seem so vastly different from each other and I want to embrace them all, all of the time!

But I realise that I can't and while I can read them all on a regular basis, they don't actually transfer so well to real life all together. I would love the time to research all the best food deals and then actually physically shop around to get them. I would love to deep clean my house once a month and develop some of my own cleaning products. I would love to use my sewing machine to make useful, beautiful things for us and for friends. I would love to spend longer reading the Bible and hanging out with God. And perhaps I am making excuses, but I look around and see the house still untidy from 15 visitors on Monday morning, and the ironing that still needs doing and the bathrooms that still need cleaning and realise that these are my more pressing priorities (so stop blogging woman and go and do!).

Looking after two children under two with very little help is so much more tiring and time consuming than I ever imagined. I do make sure to really play with the kids at least once a day for a prolonged period of time where they have my undivided attention, and that is something I have learnt to do. I don't want them to look back on their childhood and just remember having to play by themselves while I did jobs. That is my driving force. Making sure my children know they are loved by me and that I have time for them. That requires time and energy.

As with many many things in life, it is all a balancing act. One which I am learning and tweaking all the time.