September Financial Goal Review

September was a very very good month indeed for our goal pot. We are almost at our goal, and I think that if we keep saving the way we are, then we should reach our goal by the end of the year. In September, we didn't have any huge expenses, it was largely a 'keep your head down and carry on' kind of month. It did seem to keep going forever though!

I feel very humbled that even though in the last couple of months we have not been overly intentional about saving, we have still been able to put some money by. I realise so very often what a blessed place we are in our lives and I am still learning to give out of what we have, to almost give without thinking too much about it, worrying about having enough to meet our needs if we give a lot away. For I know that God loves a cheerful giver, and I also know that if we are giving because He asks us to, we will never go short. I need to learn to trust more and more :)