It's Friday!!

It is finally the weekend! And we are sitting in the lounge in the peace and quiet in comfy clothes, chilling out. The best way to start the weekend :)

This week has seen a marked improvement in Ben's sleeping. He's only been up 2-3 times a night Mon-Wed, and only once last night, which Hubby got up to. It was the first time I have spent 8 hours in bed for weeks. Bliss. However, today I am still muchos exhausted. Ben has also discovered the delights of log rolling, and he will pull himself up on my hands to standing. He 'walked' from the lounge to the bathroom this evening too, holding my hands. Its not going to be long before he is independent - yay!

In Christmas news, all the children we have to buy for are sorted, plus the three birthdays either side of Christmas (3rd Dec, 1 Jan and 15 Jan). That just leaves the jute bags to get for the chutneys and the remaining family presents. I'm thinking that I might add chocolate santas to the children's presents, but I'm not paying £1.75 for them! Need to do some research I think. My Operation Christmas Child boxes are finished (I think), just need to find another shoe box. A trip out next week perhaps.

Once I have got the gifts sorted, it will be time to start thinking about decorations and food. I already have one tradition that I want to start with Ruth...