Happy Birthday Ruth

Ruth is 2 today :)

Where has the time gone? I cannot believe that I have a 2 year old daughter. She is the most amazing gift that I have ever been given and each and every day I marvel at her, I am breathless at her beauty, in awe of her abilities and so incrediably proud of her.

Ruth is a kind, loving, generous-spirited girl who loves playing outside and travelling in the car. She adores her little brother, her daddy, her grandparents and is (even if I say so myself) very popular with children and carers alike at the creche groups she attends.

Her imaginary play is fab (we have bought her a play kitchen for her birthday as she makes a beeline for the one at church every week!) and she is always wanting to 'text Granny, text Grandad, text Skippy (my parent's dog)' whenever she gets hold of a phone! She loves her baby dolly and will take care of him (also called Ben!) so very well, even if he does get put on the naughty step occasionally.

Ruth's conversation and reasoning skills are brilliant and she is good at problem solving. Its lovely having her around to talk to and to see her forming opinions on things. She says 'thank you Jesus for my lunch/dinner' before she eats, and most of the time says please and thank you without being prompted.

All in all, my life is so so so much better because she is in it. I love her so much that it hurts me, and I have to really work at letting her go and spend time with other people. She is just brilliant.


Val said…
I had to smile at your obvious love the overflows, even in your writing. Keep enjoying your little darling!
Sheila said…
Happy (belated) birthday to Ruth!