A gentle morning

Its Sunday morning and I have time to blog! Goodness :)

I made dinner yesterday morning and it's in the oven waiting to be heated through while we are at church. Ben is asleep and Ruth is happy pottering by herself, occasionally checking in with Hubby and I. We have spent some of this morning playing with plastercine, Hubby is very creative. I manage a sausage, a twig, a log, a snake, a worm, and at a push, a snail!

Ben seems like a different boy these last couple of days. He is happy and smiley, sleeping and eating well. He's not too whingey during the day either. Perhaps its something to do with the fact he's learnt to roll over and is pulling himself up on my fingers. He's even beginning to walk while holding my hands. Not bad for 7 months old :)

I made my first round of Christmas cake yesterday, and I think it turned out ok. I'm doing one for us, one for Hubby's team at work and then 6 small individual ones (more for the challenge and the gift potential than anything else!). I enjoy making the cakes, makes me feel very Christmassy :)

Now I need to go and write the remainder of Ruth's thank you cards. One I am more than happy to do, the other, whilst I am happy to do it, I must do it or else the gift-giver will be on the telephone asking why we'd not sent one. Not exactly the spirit of gift giving, but there we go.