A different boy

There has been a massive change in Benjamin over the last week or so. He is such a happy, contented, smiley boy now, and only cries when he needs to. The nights have been so much better too, things are looking up!

Benjamin has decided that purees are a thing of the past. He has no teeth, but just wants to eat exactly what Ruth eats, in the form in which she eats it. So for tea, he had a slice of bread cut into squares, followed by a yoghurt followed by cake cut into bits. Lunch was sausage caserole straight from the slow-cooker, not even glanced at by the blender.

Benjamin is also pulling himself up on my hands and 'walking' with me. He's chatting a lot more, and recognising my mum when she sends us videos on my mobile. He's wanting to play with whatever Ruth is playing with, and wants to get involved in rough and tumble play. But with all the new physical things he is developing, he is still my snuggly boy, happy to really cuddle in to me (and any other lady who gives him a cuddle, cheeky monkey!). Totally loving this stage :)