Benjamin at 6 months

Ok, so Benjamin is nearly 7 months old now, but I thought that I would just record where he is at now. He is sitting up by himself and rarely needing a cushion behind him, and is now having 3 solid meals a day, on top of 4/5 milk feeds. He is sleeping twice a day, on good days its 2 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon. On a bad day, its half an hour twice a day.

The 6 month mark has brought some kind of developmental change where Ben has been really unsettled an awful lot and I have found the whole thing really stressful. There have been some times where he has just screamed for 3 hours while trying to settle for the night or for his nap and those nights have been so hard. He still has no teeth, and we took him off the infacol last week and have found that taking that out of his system has made him sick up an awful lot less.

Ruth and Ben still continue to adore each other, which is really lovely. Ruth has so much more patience with him than I have, and when I am losing the plot with them, Ruth is saying gently 'its alright Ben, good boy Ben' My daughter has far more grace than I have at times, she teaches me a lot!


flutietootie said…
It is amazing to see such progress. Children grow up so fast.