What I should be doing

Ruth is out, Ben is in bed and I should be doing the following:
Hoovering my filthy floors
Finishing the ironing
Folding dry washing
Writing a birthday card
Tidying up the conservatory
Sweeping the kitchen floor
Cleaning a bathroom or 2.

Instead, I am on the sofa, having eaten a chocolate bar and am planning a half hour read of a new book. I am so so tired. My mornings haven't started any later than 6am for over a week, and the 6am was a lie-in and happened the once. My baby son is challenging me and often I fail the challenge spectacularly. They say that boys are harder than girls, and I am finding this to be the case. I want him to know that I love him, that I am there for him, but that also there are some things he has to do on his own. Trouble is, he doesn't like the 'on his own' bit.

But anyway. I am hoping that this brief period of rest will revitalise me, body and mind. At last, it is quiet and I am going to revel in the solitude.