Weekend In and Out

2 bags of clothes to the charity shop
Borrowed lilos back to their rightful owner
Old duvet to the dustmen on Monday morning

2 good-as-new curtains in funky fabric £1.50 from charity shop - for sewing projects
10lbs of plums from the tree in the garden
Lots lbs apples from tree in the garden

8 jars of Christmas Spiced Plum Chutney
2 batches of muffins for Hubby's team at work
1 batch baby puree
1 batch of Twinks Hobnobs

And later I plan to actually get to sewing Ruth's apron, if I can figure out how the sewing machine works and if I have enough thread!


Val said…
Happy Sewing! I was like you a few years ago....not sure how to make the sewing machine work, quite apprehensive. Now, I can't stay away! Here's to many blessed hours sewing for your family!
Di said…
Tried to work the sewing machine, but it appears that when it was last repaired, the tensioner (?) was put on backwards and thus doesn't let the thread through, which in turn breaks the thread. Very frustrating as I'd spent ages figuring out how to thread it and wind bobbins etc! But Hubby is going to have a look at it and hopefully fix it :)