Ben is 6 months old next week, and it has co-incided rather nicely with the start to autumn, and a new term. It is around this kind of time that I am looking to start getting back to normal in terms of my personal activity levels, and my eating habits. It happened around the time when Ruth was 6 months old too, as the children are relying on me physically less and less. Ben has started weaning properly now, we were kind of playing at it for the last 3 weeks, but now he has 3 meals a day with us, as well as his milk feeds. I'm feeding him 5 times a day now, and I think in a couple of weeks, that will drop to 4 times a day as the lunchtime feed is dropped. He is also in his own room, which has meant for the last 10 days or so, we have had fabulous nights sleep, neither of us disturbing the other. Of course, it will take longer than a couple of weeks of good sleep to make up for 6+months of poor sleep patterns, but its so much better than nothing!

So that leaves me no longer needing to sleep in the day when the children do. I still need to rest, but I find that sleeping for a length of time means I can't get to sleep at night. Its nice to have the quiet, and the headspace for a while, and I am starting to get on with things. It is a small challenge to me to change my habits, and to use my alone time wisely rather than squandering it on the internet as I find it so easy to do.

I am hoping to start a pre-Christmas de-clutter, and a pre-cold weather sort out. When the weather gets very cold, we are unable to use the conservatory, which we have used pretty much every day since Ben was born. We do have underfloor heating in there, but it takes ages to warm up to a comfortable level. So the front room and kitchen will be utlised far more as playing space in the cold months so I need to make the space as effecient and as practical as possible. I also am still on the decluttering mission that I started 14 months ago, but don't seem to get anywhere fast with it!

So with my new energy levels, I should be able to accomplish a bit more than I have been, and begin to feel like I'm not just surviving :)