I did it!

Here is the apron that I made for Ruth, I finished it last night and I am so impressed with myself for a first effort:

This is the front. The neck strap has elastic inside it to make it easy to take on and off.

This is the back view. The waiststrap is held together with velcro rather than being tied. The sewing had much improved between the sewing of the rough bit of velcro onto the waistrap at the beginning of the project, and the sewing of the fluffy bit of velcro to the main body at the end of the project! However, the straight lines still need more work and practice!

I got the pattern from Sew Liberated, and this is the pattern itself. The apron is designed so that the wearer can put the apron on and off, and tie it up by themselves. Which when I am a busy mummy, will be really really helpful!


Val said…
Very cute! Good job all round....does this mean that you have the sewing bug now?
Di said…
Thanks Val, I have totally got the sewing bug now :) want to make a matching pair of oven gloves now!