Christmas progress

Over the weekend I made a batch of spiced plum chutney to give away as Christmas presents. I used the plums from the tree in the garden, with the apples from the tree in the garden, along with some (bought) onions and sultanas. It was so incrediably easy to make, and now I have 8 jars sitting and growing good! My mother in law brought me 2lbs of tomatoes from her garden last night, so I'll be making red tomato chutney using those, plus more apples from the garden and will also use those as Christmas presents. I also plan to make apple and pear chutney from the pear tree in the garden, but we'll see how that goes!

I have been saving jars all year, and the idea for presents are as follows. Fill 2 identical jars with different chutneys, cover the lids in red and green gingham fabric (ebay!) and label them with labels I got very cheap (400 labels for jars etc for £10), and present them a small jute window bag. So, ignoring the cost of making the chutney, since I really only had to buy vinegar, sultanas and onions, things I buy anyway, each chutney gift costs me about £1. Not bad at all :)

Also got a £10 M&S voucher in the post today as a freebie for taking out a LoveFilm subscription trial for 30 days. Needless to say, I'm cancelling it on Wednesday! That is an extra boost to the fund, which I can either spend on children's presents, or give as a voucher in itself. I have yet to decide...