August Financial Goal Review

A better month than expected on contributing towards our financial goal for this year.

We paid for our holiday, but then received a third of the money back, so that went straight into the pot. We were also able to save the surplus of Hubby's salary from this past month, so that means that we've been really good on the spending front. That has been largely helped by being on holiday (where we don't really tend to spend money at all) and being involved with the Flower Festival at church (volunteering and looking after children means you don't spend money either!). I have also been blessed to be able to use vouchers to buy the majority of Ruth's 2-3 years clothes, and a few bits for Ben (vouchers from supermarket loyalty points, which were then doubled in a promotion, so I got a free £60 to spend on clothes for the kids).

So that leaves us at just over 4/5ths of the way to meeting our goal at 3/4 of the year, with one outstanding interest free debt to pay off. It feels good! Thank you Lord.