July Financial Goal Review

This month has been a good month. We have had a lot of expenditure due to my brother's wedding at the beginning of the month, a dentist visit a week later, and a broken dishwasher that needed to be fixed, but we have still been able to save more than we thought. This month is the last of the big expenditures that we have planned, the holiday at Hubby's parent's place. We don't usually have to pay, but since we are using a peak week, we have to pay full whack, which at £1500 is not cheap. Thankfully the bill is being split with the family we are going with, but it still smarts a little!

We are almost at the £8000 mark of income into the Goal Pot. In fact, we are £18 short, but hopefully will be able to make that up next month.

Once again, we have seen God's hand of provision for us, and my prayer is that we can be more and more generous in sharing what we have.