An idle Tuesday afternoon

Oh I wish! Took the kiddies to Tesco this morning and they were fab doing the shop, then both whinged and cried for 45 mins simultaneously while I put the shopping away and got lunch. I got a little schreechy, which is something I need to learn to control. I find that the whinge is the single most irritating noise in the world and it shortens my tether more than anything else.

I thought I would have a light week shopping wise, and I did, spending a little over £40. However, nearly £25 of this was baby supplies, amazing. Nappies, wipes, infacol, Ella's Kitchen pureed food for holiday lunches out (yes, Ben has started the weaning process last week, aged almost 5 months, and we are both loving it! I love introducing our babies to food and watching them get so excited about it!), baby rice etc.

And now the babies are asleep. The controlled crying has really worked, in as much that Ben will now settle himself without me going in at all. He gets very angry when he realises that it is sleepy time, but he calms down within 2-3 minutes. I usually read Ruth a story, or go to the loo, and if he's still crying when I've done that, I'll go back in. Usually, there is no need.

Ruth's language and vocabulary skills are developing at a cracking pace, most people are really surprised at how much she talks and how well. I heard a sad story today of a two and half year old girl who doesn't do much more than grunt as her parents don't talk to her. How could you not talk to your child? Yes, it took me a while to learn this when Ruth was a baby and I felt a right wally doing it, so I sang to her instead. I got her 'involved' in what I was doing and before long, the nattering just flowed. Ben doesn't stand a chance!

We bought Ruth a wetsuit for our holiday, and she looks so cool in it! A real little girl. She's fab :)