Controlled Crying - The Results

We started the controlled crying with Ben on Saturday evening. I put him down after his bedtime feed, dummy-less, around 6.40pm, and I was back downstairs with him asleep by 7.30pm. I let him cry for a minute, then went back in and stroked his tummy and told him it was sleepy time. He was still crying, and I left the room for 2 minutes, then repeated the process. Then I left for 4 minutes, then 8 minutes, then 10 minutes, and it was in the final 10 minutes that he wound down and went to sleep. I spent most of this time in tears, it was heart-wrenching to hear him cry, knowing I could stop it by giving him his dummy.

We continued to use the method for daytime naps, and it took about 15 mins to settle during the day.

Sunday night followed the same pattern, and Ben went to sleep half way into the 8 minute section. Monday night followed the same pattern, and he went to sleep during the 4 minute section. Tuesday night there was no crying, just gurgling that went on and on, so Hubby went in and stroked his tummy. Tonight there was a short period of gurgling and then sleep. And we have had a full nights sleep since Sunday night. Ben woke up a couple of times on Saturday night, but he settled himself back within a couple of minutes.

Ben is also waking up from his naps happy, which is another added bonus.

So, when we get back from holiday in a couple of weeks, we will move him into his own room. My little boy is growing up :)