Back from holiday, and a few thoughts on Jesus.

Anyway, we are home, and back at church yesterday where the sermon talked about what happens when Jesus shows up in your life, and how he just changes everything, finances, marriages, parenthood, relationships etc. I so want that in my life, and as the pastor said yesterday that God sees a our faith and honours it. So I got out my bible this morning and started to read Matthew. I only read the first couple of chapters with the question 'how did Jesus impact people's lives?' in the back of my mind, and I was blown away.

Firstly I was amazed to realise that everyone that I knew of in the geneaology of chapter one not only were there because they were in Jesus's biological line, but each of the people mentioned God used for something completely separate in their own right, each had their own 'God story' to tell in addition to their place in the family tree. For example, Abraham had his name changed by God, had a child when he thought he and his wife were too old, and had to leave his homeland for a place that God would show them. Rahab was a prostitute who helped Joshua's men hide and saved their lives, and Ruth loved her mother-in-law and worked so hard for her.

And secondly I was amazed at how Jesus touched so many lives before he even turned 2 years old. The Magi travelled for miles to see him. King Herod wanted to kill him. Shepherds left their livelihood to visit him. Joseph swallowed his potential embarrassment and married Mary. Mary went through with the pregnancy.

I want this Jesus to show up more in my life. I want Him to change me and my life. I want my life to reflect Him, to those around me, especially my husband and children. It is my prayer that somehow I can point those around me to Him. I am a weak, holey (intended spelling!) person with many many flaws, but perhaps I could be of some use?


Trish said…
Hello Di, nice to meet you. I enjoyed your post and agree with you-I want more of Jesus in my life too :-)
Well spoken! And thank you for leaving your comment on my blog. God bless you and your lovely family...
Trish from Angel Wings and Apron Strings.