Benjamin at 20 weeks

Benjamin is a fab little boy!

He's reaching out for things a lot now, and loves lying on his mat playing with the dangly cat with the spinny ball which plays a tune when it is spun. Ruth continues to be able to quieten him by holding his hand, and he just adores her. Ben loves to stroke faces, and gives wonderful gummy kisses. He is gurgling away as he 'chats' and is generally very happy.

I have started to give Ben some baby rice this evening to see if that will help him sleep better. He was doing really well, but the last few nights he has been waking almost every hour because his dummy falls out. So tonight we did controlled crying, and after 40 minutes, he was asleep. I was crying, hating every minute that ticked by and felt emotionally spent once he was asleep. He awoke briefly half an hour after falling asleep, but settled himself after a couple of minutes.

Its going to be a rocky couple of days I think with the sleeping, but ultimately, we will get there. We are giving him the gift of sleep.