Ruth at 20 months

Ruth is fab. I love her to absolute bits. She is talking talking talking now and saying all sorts of things. In the last couple of weeks she has started to string 2-3 word sentences together and will say things like 'I'll get it' and 'mummy sit here' and 'alright?'. She is identifying things all the time, the most recent things being aeroplanes and lorries and she just loves bouncing on the trampoline that we have just bought for the garden. She adores her brother, and shows that adoration very enthusiastically at times :)

Drawing is a favourite activity, and she will now sit to read a book all the way through. She is still not at all interested in the TV, but enjoys trying to use the laptop! She has lots of friends and talks of them even when we are not with them.

Ruth is still sleeping very well at night and usually has one nap during the day that is anything from 90 mins to 3 hours depending on how tired she is.

The next milestone will be potty training!