May Financial Goal Review

Amount saved: £17
Debts paid off: 0
Fun had: LOADS!!!

This month the only income going into the goal pot was money left over from the usual living expenses. However, we spent that money this month on a trampoline for the garden, which is totally and utterly fab and already we are spending many moments on there together as a family and Ruth's young friends are loving it too. Totally worth not saving anything this month.

There were also other unforseen expenses, such as our dishwasher breaking and needing fixing, sponsoring Hubby's brother for a cycle ride from London to Paris and other small incidentals. Next month will be a slow month too as we have my brother's wedding so there are all the related expenses of accommodation, gifts, meals out etc.

Still, we are so very blessed to have such flexibility with our income, and for that we are really grateful.