Ben is getting the hang of settling himself to sleep during the day :) And over the past week, it has been a rare night that he has needed feeding between 10.30pm and 7am. Doesn't mean that he doesn't still wake, but we are working on the self settling thing. It would be lovely to sleep from 11pm til 6am, but I'm sure it will come one day soon.

Tomorrow I am being blessed by both my mother and my mother in law. Hubby is off to Paris for a couple of days, so my mum is coming down to help me with the little ones. Mind you, next week, I'm also on my own, so will have to do it by myself then, but thats another challenge for another week:) And tomorrow morning, my mother in law is coming over to look after both children so I can go food shopping. What a blessing that will be! I hope that she will be blessed by hanging out with them too.