Benjamin 12 weeks

I went to get Ben weighed today to see if he had doubled his birthweight by 12 weeks. He has, and then some!

He tips the scales at 14lbs13oz (double birthweight is 14lbs2oz), and Ruth didn't get this heavy til nearly 20 weeks old.He is my little dude! And so very very gorgeous. He has started to giggle this week too, when being bounced on the trampoline in the garden. It is the most wonderful sound.

Sleeping is also improving, he is napping properly during the day thanks to some advice to put the baby down when he shows signs of tiredness before crying. That way, he settles himself quickly and easily. He is also going from about 10.45pm til 5am ish at night which is such a blessing to us too! We are getting into a good routine now, and we have our evenings back, as he goes to bed when Ruth does, at 6.30pm or there abouts.

People were right when they said that life got better around about the 12 week mark. It most certainly does, but its been a very very very challenging 12 weeks. But I'm so glad to have made it through :)