Under Pressure

I have decided to go blog cold turkey for a week or so. Now seeing that I log on every day to read blogs and FaceBook etc, this is going to be somewhat of a challenge for me. But I have decided that I need to use the time I spend reading online to be doing something useful for my family.

It comes from a post that I read (somewhat ironic, I know) that was talking about the fact that we do what we do, the staying at home and looking after the children, building our families and making our homes lovely not because we necessarily enjoy every aspect of it, but because of the bigger vision of a God centred, God honouring home. That is certainly my vision, a vision of a home that is clean and tidy, orderly and calm in material things and in person where people who come through the door are nurtured and loved and leave this place feeling better for it. To me, this firstly encompasses my family who are my main priority, but also those friends and friends in the making who visit.

I feel that I put myself under pressure when I read these blogs. Not that there is anything wrong in them, and in fact, I often read them for inspiration and motivation to get doing what I need to. But sometimes, I read the words these ladies have posted and think 'I should be doing this, this, this and this. I should be treating my husband like this and that. I should be doing more baking/crafting/cleaning etc etc etc, for this will make my home how I want it to be'. Now, I felt the still calm voice of God saying to me that I need to study my own home, husband and children, and work out from that what it is that I 'should' be doing. My home, marriage and family life are not to be a carbon copy of someone elses. It is our own unique existance, and it is up to me to make it so.

So, in the quiet times this week (hopefully there will be some), I will spend time thinking and praying about my family and the home that I am queen of. Listening to God and see what he wants for my family and what I can do to make that happen. I believe that I am in the most privilidged position, that I am exactly where God wants me to be. I want to learn to make the most of it, not just whiling away the days waiting for the weekend when Hubby comes home. I want every day to be intentional, but most of all, I want my home and my life to reflect God's love. I have a long way to go on that one.


Val said…
I sometimes think about that. We put our best foot forward on the internet, which is the proper thing to do, it many ways, because we do not want to make ourselves, and our families, look bad online. Yet we lie to ourselves and our readers if we pretend to all be great cleaner, bakers, laundresses, cooks, mothers, and wives all of the time. When I find myself envying others and there seemingly perfect lives online, I try to remind myself that everyone has stress, bad days, and daily frustrations. God did not make any of us perfect...yet he loves us perfectly and wants us to change, so that we might become more like him. It's a lifelong calling, but a noble one!