A new direction for sleep :)

We have spent the Bank Holiday weekend in Cornwall. We had thought that we would try to move Ruth into a big bed when we got back, but then didn't get our act together in time, so her room wasn't really ready and we've not bought a new mattress for the bed, or new bedlinen or other such things to really encourage Ruth that a big bed was a good idea.

So, we decided to scrap the 'move Ruth into a big bed' plan and postpone it for a couple of weeks or so. However, the first night we were in Cornwall, Ruth had other ideas. She absolutely refused to settle in the travel cot and insisted that she slept in the big bed that was in the room. The unmade big bed. So in she went, and fast asleep she fell. And there she stayed all night. And the next night and the next night.

Not wanting to move backwards, we had to bite the bullet and put her in her big bed when we got home late last night. We were prepared for shenanigans, but she settled right down and went to sleep. For the entire night. And she's now having her nap in her big bed. Amazing. Guess we'd better get that new mattress and bed linen then!

And Ben, blessed boy he is. He slept from 10.30pm til 5.45am. Its the most sleep I have had in a chunk probably since Christmas. I'd like to say it feels amazing, but I still feel tired! Ben also had his first lot of jabs this morning too. Still, 8 more weeks til he can come swimming with us :)


Megan said…
Oh, I aspire to be getting sleep from 10:30 - 5:45 ... I think we are headed there soon. Very soon. The longest my baby is sleeping is 4.5 hours, but I'll take that. :)
Congrats on a good night's sleep!