How the mighty fall

I have been a 'fan' of Ronan Keating of Boyzone since I was 12.

And it is with utter sadness that I have been reading of his marriage break-up and the alleged affair which preceeded this. I don't hold him up to be a paragon of virtue or anything like that, but I just feel so disappointed that his 12 year marriage to his childhood sweetheart has been so rocked. Why I feel like this I have no idea. Its not like I really knew him, or his wife. Its not like I've even met him, his wife or his children, of which there are three.

I guess its because I like to believe the best about people, that he has always seemed like a decent (and very goodlooking!) guy and that his faith that he so often spoke of in the early days meant something to him.

It has been a hard 6 months for him, losing Stephen Gately so suddenly, and being away on tour, away from the ones he loves the most. But is that any excuse for seeking comfort in the arms of someone else? Are all men really that weak? I really feel for his wife, who no doubt is screaming inside 'I'd've been there if you'd let me'.

I hope they can resolve things, that forgiveness can abound, that repentence can also abound. Marriage is special and worth fighting for. I hope they can see that.