Day 2 of Blog Fast

Day 2 was a success in terms of no blog reading. Ok, no, I lie. I read back through my blog to find out where we were this time last year and the year before. In doing so, I found a link to a blog I used to read, and clicked it to see how this lady was getting on. She had a brain tumour, and a very sick daughter. The lady is still alive and well, as is the daughter. I have to count it as a blog read because I ended up spending rather a long time catching up with this lady :(

I read proper books (which I do anyway!) and pottered around at home in between settling a windy and unsettled baby boy. I feel good for having pottered around, just sorting little bits here and there which have been bugging me for a while. I've finally taken the last suitcase from our weekend away upstairs. We've only been back for 10 days! I managed to get the ironing done, the ktichen swept and our bed stripped and remade. Nothing earth shattering, but small steps. I didn't get to hoover, or clean our en-suite or have a nap, which I really needed after last night. Still, there is always tomorrow.

Not done a whole lot of thinking today, just been. I did read an interesting chapter in my book about trusting God for our food and clothes, which have piqued my interest and I want to explore my thoughts on those. It also had a good chapter on simple living, on clearing away the clutter, all the things that are so fashionable at the moment. This chapter was written in the 90's before it became fashionable!! Again, more food for thought.