Day 1 of Blog Fast

The first day of the blog fast has gone really well, and already I have noticed a difference in me and how the day has gone, which is an unexpected side effect of the fast.

I have been more engaged with my children, spending more time really playing and interacting with them. I haven't had half my mind of what I have read, or what I want to log in and read. My mind has felt cleaner and fresher than I expected, a bit like how my body feels after a swim and sauna. It has been different to days when I've not had the chance to read blogs because I have been too busy. I've been less stressed, and had more patience.

As for what I have used the extra time for, I managed about 15 minutes thinking about what was important to me in terms of Hubby, the children and our home and lifestyle. I got as far as halfway through Ben. But it is good to have opened up the thought channels!