Benjamin 11 weeks

I think we have finally cracked the self settling and nap times :) We had an awful couple of weeks where he wasn't sleeping unless he was on someone and still waking 2-3 times a night, and then Hubby went away for the week and I spent the week with my parents. I guess the being out of routine and in a different place didn't help much.

But, after a lot of prayer and a persistence with the routine, the last couple of days have been really successful. Ben's first feed of the day has been at 7am, and he has been put to bed as soon as he shows signs of tiredness. He is also not being held as much when he is awake, which means that Ruth can play with him a little more and he can move and watch more. So yesterday and today, he has been on a 3 hourly cycle, sleeping for the last 2 hours of the 3 hour cycle. It has meant that I have had one session per day where both children have been asleep together so I have had time to myself for the first time in ohh, 6 or 7 weeks. Yesterday I spent it having a cup of tea with hubby in the garden and today I slept. And that sleep felt so so good. I've not managed a sleep in the day for a good while now and I had forgotten just how much it improves life.

Ben is still not sleeping through the night, still waking between 1am and 3am for a feed, and then usually between 4am and 5am for a grizzle. But he's not awake for long, which is a blessing to be counted :)

And so I am hoping that this excellent baby behaviour continues. But then, he has his jabs next week and it will probably all go to pot again :(