Sleep and skirts

Ben is now 7 weeks and 4 days old and for the last couple of nights he has slepf from 10pm til 4.30am, which has been fabulous! After I finish feeding him at that time, I am often so awake that I consider getting up. However, I really appreciate the following couple of hours in bed and see that as a lie-in! Ruth has also been back to sleeping through, so we have been getting chunks of 5-6 hours of sleep.

I think Ben must be having a growth spurt. He spent a couple of days earlier this week feeding every 2 hours or so in the morning and evening. Today he has basically slept all day. And I have spent the time on the computer. Perhaps I should have been more productive, especially seeing as we are going away for the weekend tomorrow, but it is so rare now that I get a chance to wander around the web that I thought I would indulge.

I am looking for some new clothes as the majority of mine are old, stretched, faded and basically no longer look good, but I keep wearing them because they cover my body. Which with a body the length of mine, once I find something that fits, I hang onto it FOREVER because it is such a hassle to find new stuff. I bought a new cardigan a couple of weeks ago, but its really too short in the body and the arms, but will do for this season of feeding.

I would also like to get into wearing skirts more, but I want to know what I can wear with them that doesn't look frumpy, but that would also keep me warm. There are many beautiful tops out there, but I usually don't see the point in buying them as I end up covering them up with a jumper or cardigan. And what length cardigan goes best with skirts? I think I have the shoes covered, but its just what one wears with a skirt to keep warm that eludes me! Perhaps I should google ' how to keep warm and trendy in a skirt'

Well, my little people are waking up, and I know that my biggest little person would just love to make some cupcakes!


Val said…
I wear A-lines and full skirts, as I have hips that I do not care for...all just past knee length or a mid-to-lower calf. I wear a skirt everyday, partially because of my job, but partially because that's what I like. The key to good skirt wearing in the winter is something warm underneath...I invested in several pair of nice tights and a pair of leggins last fall, and was very happy with them. I also recommend some knee high boots....they keep you warm better than pants.

I know this isn't the best advice right now, as you have two young ones that are keeping you very busy, but you might want to think about a sewing lesson from someone, if you don't already know how. I started sewing a couple of years ago, and was very pleased to discover how easy it was to make my own simple skirts, and the occasional pair of pants. You can make them whatever link you need, which is very nice!