March Financial Goal Review

March was a very good month indeed. We managed to pay off the car 3 months earlier than we intended and Hubby was awarded a bonus from work which was totally unexpected and meant that we could all but a tiny amount cover the cost of the driveway.

In terms of the larger picture, we have saved 66% or thereabouts of our goal(thanks to the unexpected bonus) in 25% of the year.

Once again, we have had a very blessed month, especially with Ben arriving a little unexpectedly. I look forward to seeing what God is going to do for the rest of the year, for without His input there is no way that we would be in this position.


Val said…
Isn't it wonderful how God provides for his children financially? My husband and I are blessed beyond words with the resources He's given us. Congrats on paying off the's always nice to have one less bill!