February Financial Goal Review

Amazingly we have had another great month saving towards our financial goal for this year. We are now over a third of the way to meeting our goal in just a sixth of the year.

We have shuffled some of the detail of the end goal around so that instead of saving for a rainy day fund, that fund has been re-allocated to the new project, the driveway at the back of the house. Had we not been expecting a new baby, the rainy day fund would have been built up and then spent on exactly the same thing, it just would have been done last rather than first. When we need to pay for that, it will wipe out the majority of the goal pot as it stands at the moment. But then it never was the aim to have £10k just sitting in a pot on Dec 31st 2010, just that we had saved that money over the course of the year and used it wisely.

Some might say that we should pay off all our outstanding debts before spending out on new things. And normally we would agree, but the priority for us is our children's safety, which is what spending the money on the new driveway will achieve. We will still then have 9 months in which to pay off the outstanding debts and thus meet our goal.

We still have no new income streams, but due to some tax refiguring, we have been able to save nearly twice what we had planned on as a surplus of Hubby's salary. That will stop in April. However, the extra that we were able to save unexpectedly this way just about covers the amount of income that we lost by not getting the income from the second wedding we had planned to shoot. God-incidence?! So, so far, on track.

So where does that leave us at the beginning of March?

33% goal saved
January's 10% loss covered
Extra expenditure accounted for

It shouldn't surprise me to see God's hand over this so soon, but it does. I had expected it to take all year for us to see God's hand in the detail, but he has blessed me by showing up quietly when I least expected him to. Thankyou God :) I am so pleased that I am writing all this down as we go as a record of God's faithfulness. It is so easy to lose sight of these things when they are not paid attention to!