January Financial Goal Review

We have done very well in January towards our financial goal for 2010. We have saved approximately 15% of our goal, which is very good indeed. Our spending has been minimal, and yet we have had a fun filled month with even some long-outstanding DIY jobs being completed around the house.

We did however have a disappointment. One of the income streams that we had planned for which would have accounted for another 10% of the final total is now not going to come to fruition. This is frustrating, but we are still daring to dream the audacious dream of reaching our goal.

We also made a decision to spend a very large chunk of money which at the moment looks to eat into our final goal figure. We have decided to do some work at the back of our back garden to turn it into a hard-standing to park the car on. This means purchasing a sliding gate for the back of the property, building retaining walls and purchasing bricks, gravel and broken up concrete in order to make this a reality. We made this decision because at the moment, we park the car on the road, which is about 20 meters away from the house. I do not feel safe in making sure that both children can make it into the car without it being very awkward and time consuming. Not to mention trying to bring in the weeks worth of grocery shopping as well as 2 under 2's! This spending decision will probably take up 30% of our goal. But we are still daring to dream the audacious dream.

So where does that leave us at the beginning of February?

15% saved
10% income not happening
30% additional, unplanned expenditure.

65% goal met by Dec 2010.

But we still dare to dream the audacious dream. And God willing, we will make it.