4 and a bit weeks to go

That is, until baby No2 is born. And I don't feel remotely prepared. I feel prepared for the labour, as prepared as one can get I suppose, but actually having a new little one to look after, I've not really properly considered. I'm just hoping that Sib will just fit in with what we have now and that we will absorb him/her into our lives as if he/she has always been there.

I have washed and got sorted the newborn baby clothes, but have yet to pack the old hospital bag. I mean, what more do I need than nappies, baby clothes, pjs and pants? Hubby says that packing the bag in advance is more for him than me, so that if we happen to have to go to hospital from somewhere other than home, he can just nip home and grab a bag rather than go on a scavenger hunt around the house. Fair enough.

Also got to think of Ruth while I am in hospital. Her food, her clothes, her routine etc. And I think that is where I am stumbling. Its the only bit I've not done before! But I will get onto that this week. Well, thinking about it at least.

I am feeling big and bulky and achy and really really looking forward to meeting this little one. I feel that this baby is so much a part of our family already that the whole birthing process is just a formality!


Renee said…
Very exciting Di! Looking forward to hearing about the new baby after arrival. :)