The weekend starts here :)

We have started our weekend in our usual way, by heading into the village for coffee and cake after Ruth's afternoon nap. It is so wonderful seeing her join in with us, looking so grown up. She shares our cakes and Hubby's tea, pointing to the cup and saying 'tea, tea'.

I have listed 7 books on ebay, so I hope that they sell and I can add the money to our goal pot. I'm not hopeful, but we'll see.

All the Christmas decorations have been put away, finally! I feel like I am getting straight again, which is a lovely feeling. I have been rather demotivated this week, so I need to get better for next week. Can't use the excuse of being bulky every day for the next 10 weeks!

I have however, managed to write 4 lots of one week meal plans and their accompanying shopping lists for when the baby is born. Hopefully I'll need to use them a couple of times before I can get back on track and eat different meals! So that is one little job jobbed.

Have a good weekend!