We went out - finally!

There has been a lot of snow around these parts in the last couple of weeks and schools have been shut on and off for this time, roads have been a little unsafe etc. It seems the UK cannot deal with extremes of weather very well. Imagine if in Canada the whole country came to a grinding halt every time it snowed! Anyway, I digress.

We took Ruth out in the snow last week, but as she is so tiny and the snow relatively deep, it came over the top of her wellies and she couldn't walk in it. She was not a happy bunny so I have largely stayed in with her, looking out at the white stuff. I could carry her out, but being big and bumpy now it is rather uncomfortable for long periods of time. But today we went shopping!

I haven't been food shopping since the week before Christmas (something like the 22nd Dec) and we had family staying for most of the week after Christmas. And I had finally run out of nappies and cereal so it had to be done. But I managed to only spend £12.04 as I have planned 10 days worth of meals out of what I had in the cupboards and freezer. Which leaves me with £100 (hopefully, my online banking has weird update schedules) til next Tues when my next lot of housekeeping comes in, which I can then transfer into our financial goal pot. This makes me very happy.

I have also decided to get rid of some of my books that whilst I enjoyed reading them at the time, the content of which are actually quite depraved. I did ask myself at the time what kind of a person could come up with this kind of material in which to base a crime novel around. I could stand to make all of £10 from selling them, but its all cash in the goal pot and more space on my shelves. Now the question is, do I sell on Amazon for a 1p a book and charge £2.75 postage, or do I sell them for £2.50 each on ebay with free postage??