So, how did I do?

Lets just say that I had 4 hours to myself and the only item ticked off my 'to do' list was 'have coffee'!

I enjoyed a long, pampery shower, and a lovely cup of coffee. I played my music loud in the lounge and danced around like a mad thing. I sorted and decluttered the bookshelves in the lounge as Hubby and I had discussed doing so the night before and since it was something that was bugging him, I thought I could bless the both of us by doing this. I tidied the kitchen. And then I settled down to read my new book.

I really enjoyed the space, although I have to say that after about 2 and a half hours I was starting to look out of the window wondering when they were going to get home. It did feel weird to have to think about no-one but myself for a while. It felt weird not having to listen out for Ruth, it felt weird not HAVING to do anything. I don't think I'd like this all of the time, but for the odd Saturday morning, it sure is appreciated.

Hubby and Ruth had a fantastic time swimming too, they just love spending time with each other!