A lot has changed since last July...

Well, that was a bit of a blogging break if ever I saw one! One minute I'm happily decluttering the house and feeling great, and the next I've fallen off the face of blogworld for 6 months or thereabouts.

So, where are we now? No more decluttering was done after that initial post. The main reason for that was/is that around the time of that post, I found out I was pregnant again, and here I am at nearly 30 weeks gone. I can't believe how fast the last six months have just flown by and how in a mere 10 weeks we are going to be a family of 4! I spent the Christmas period reflecting on how if someone had told me just two years ago that now I would be preparing for the birth of my second child, I would never have believed them. God is so amazing. Two years ago I was heartbroken because it was near to our lost baby's due date, all our friends were swelling with child and I still wasn't pregnant. Now I am blooming (well, some days!)with our third pregnancy and thoroughly loving motherhood.

Ruth is just fabulous. She started to walk unaided at just over 11 months, talks nineteen to the dozen and has opinions on everything. Apparently she looks just like her father, but to me, she is Ruth. She is a wonderfully caring, sharing, outgoing, generous little girl with a wicked sense of humour. She doesn't much care for the snow we've been having, but I'm sure the appreciation of it will come once it doesn't come up over the top of her wellies and she can actually walk in it!

Hubby has been promoted and now has a company car. It was a good thing we never got around to selling the extra car seat base back in July, since we will use his car for all family related travelling and mine for the during the week stuff. Funny how life works out!

This year, we have set ourselves some financial goals having been inspired by Money Saving Mom. We have decided that by the end of 2010 we are going to be debt free (still owe on the car, the boiler and the TV (0% credit deal)) and have built up our emergency fund of savings. We will also be trying to overpay on the mortgage each month as well. This will mean it is a tight year financially, especially when we have other large expenses to cover which we didn't envisage (2*family weekends away to celebrate with extended family for a wedding and an 80th birthday party - its hard to find somewhere free to stay with 4 of us, as well as paying to stay in Hubby's holiday house where normally we stay for nothing), but we believe that we can do it and if we stay faithful to God throughout it all, he will provide. I was getting a little annoyed yesterday at all these costs that were being put upon us because it was going to eat into our savings goal a huge amount and Hubby very rightly said that we are called to be good stewards of the money we have, not to be miserly with it and hoard it. I thank God for a faithful husband who sees the bigger picture and part of God's heart when all I can see is 'our' money being spent for us!

In the coming weeks I am also going to be preparing for No2's arrival in terms of meals (plans and shopping lists), an organised house (ha ha), getting all the baby stuff out and aired. I am so excited to meet this new person who is already so much a part of our lives and our thinking - Ruth loves to pat my belly and share her books with Sib(ling) - but some days I wonder how on earth I am going to do it all... But once again Hubby is wise. He just says 'you won't, if you do it alone. Do it in God's strength and you'll be great'. Wives don't need husbands to bring them flowers. Wives need husbands to point them towards God. I am blessed to have such a man, which makes my responsibility to pray daily for him so much more important.

I do hope to blog more, if only to write about the ramblings of the day and the thoughts I have rushing around my head. We'll see.