Single motherhood

I have a total and utter respect for single mums who do this motherhood thing single handedly. Hubby has been away for a couple of days and I have stayed at home rather than going to see my parents or have them to come and stay with me. And I am exhausted. The house is not as clean as I would like, Ruth doesn't have any food prepared and my brain just feels like a lead brick. How mums on their own do this full time I have no idea.

I am wanting to declutter and get rid of stuff. We have a larger house than we had before we moved, and we keep throwing stuff out but I still feel like we have too much. I function much better with a clean and tidy house, tidy house, tidy brain and all that.

So, I will keep a track of what I manage to do to make our home a haven on here, and the stuff I manage to get rid of. Perhaps it will help...