The great clearout has started...

This morning I started to go through my wardrobe and I came out with 5 carrier bags worth of clothes to get rid of. Some I wore post-partum and bought them cheap because I knew they wouldn't fit for long, some I have just had for years and they look so very tired! Tried to Ebay some of the better stuff but it didn't sell. So it is off to the charity shop with them tomorrow.

I will also be selling our carseat base as Ruth has just graduated into a forward facing car seat - she looks so grown up in it! We bought 2, one for each car, but then my car had to go, so we only need the one base. The desk in the study is slowly being cleared in order to pass onto some friends, and the table in the conservatory that we bought for the new kitchen will be dismantled and put away. I love the table and chairs as they are super high, but it is only a small table, seating 4, so doesn't really fit with our lives as much as we thought it would. I'm sad to see it put away.

I have managed to move on some books as well, taking them down to Hubby's parents holiday house in Cornwall where we are going next week. Creates a bit more space on the shelves!

That's about it on the declutter front. I think I need to go through my kitchen cupboards and see what I can get rid of, especially the cupboards that are harder to reach - random stuff seems to congregate in those ones!


Amy said…
At what email may I send your private blog invite, Di? You were among the people I was hoping would respond. Part of me wanted to write in my post "Di, *insert several other names* comment with your emails" but that seemed too rude to do. :P Anyway, let me know your email and you're in my friend!