Wifey Wednesday - What I wish I'd known before I got married...

A new blog to me 'To Love, Honor and Vacuum' is hosting Wifey Wednesdays, so I thought I would have a go. This week's topic is 'What I wished I had known before I got married'.

And here is what I wished I knew... In fact, what I wished we both knew...

Sex isn't like it is in the movies.

Sex takes time, patience, love, practice, understanding, communication. And while every time of becoming one enriches our marriage, makes us feel more connected and is definately a Good Thing to have partaken in, it certainly isn't the swinging from the chandeliers kind of experience every single time right from the start, that the media and our outspoken friends like to make us think it is.

For a long time I felt guilty that I wasn't overly enjoying it (there were huge pain issues too, sorted by surgery, but the emotional hangups still linger), that it wasn't the explosive, earth shattering experience I expected. But then I realised that only occasionaly sex is like that. Most of the time, it is far more gentle, intimate and connecting. And I have learnt to enjoy what sex brings in terms of our relationship, I have learnt to see sex as far more than just the physical act. It is a gift to my husband of myself.

And now, I cherish our times together. I anticipate and reflect. And I like to think we are stronger for our 'slow start'.


Sheila said…
Thanks so much for participating in Wifey Wednesday! We had a slow start, too. A really slow start, mostly because of my emotional hangups. But over the years (almost 18 now) it's gotten so much better.

I think what I wish I had known is that it's okay if it takes a decade to get it right! You've got loads of time; don't stress!