What a day

Today has not panned out how I imagined. I was going swimming with MIL so we could take Ruth, but this morning Ruth decided to throw a temperature and sleep way way way too much. So I took her to the docs where she projectile vomited in the waiting room, and then felt a whole lot better. So when the doc saw her and checked her out, there was nothing wrong and Ruth was behaving like the wriggling little thing that she usually is.


So we went home and had some lunch which stayed down *yay*!!! (although the sofa is covered in towels just in case), and now Ruth is sleeping again. But this sleep is of far better quality, she is not whimpering in her sleep like she was this morning. So I cleaned the vomit off the pushchair. Pure glam. But you know what, I felt like a queen for doing so. Weird huh?

So who knows how the afternoon is going to pan out???!