The plan - a week on

So, the plan didn't work. Hubby's trip away was cancelled at the last minute, but since we were already heading to my folks for the bank holiday weekend, and I had been looking forward to going for a week, I headed up a couple of days before Hubby. He did, however, have to go to France, but only for a night, and I pick him up later. The week long trip may happen later in the month...

Anyway, I thought I would have a week for thinking, contemplating and writing. But here I am on my last day at my folks with the first opportunity to even get onto my blog. I arrived last Wednesday evening, in time for Ruth's tea, bath and bed, carrying with me a breaking cold, which pretty much made itself known that evening and over the next couple of days. I didn't manage to do much on the Thursday on account of the cold and feeling grotty and the fact that Ruth's pushchair was in the back of Hubby's car. At home. So Friday lunchtime Hubby arrived, and then we went to a funeral.

Saturday and Sunday were family days, shopping, eating, churching, seeing friends, and yesterday I used my available time to clean my car as I just don't get the chance at home! It turned out to be a lovely time for Hubby and I to hang out as once I got started on it, he decided that he wanted to be outside helping me. My car now looks and feels like a new car, I can't believe how filthy it was. Still, thats what you get for keeping it under a hedge...

So here I am, babbling while Ruth naps. I have the house to myself as everyone is at work, and as its not my house, I don't look around seeing a million other things to do. So I will incorporate my thinking and planning into my routine at home, otherwise it won't get done.

And here is my Dad home for lunch, so I will go and join him. Fried egg sandwiches I think, just like the old days when I was doing my exams!