Almost back to normal

Ruth was a lot lot better after a good nights sleep, although that didn't stop her sleeping for 3 hours this morning! And I squandered that time, not wanting to start anything lest she woke up and I would have to stop/ruin what I was doing.

Perhaps thats just an excuse, after all, tidying and cleaning can always be put down and picked back up again.

The weather has picked up again, and the garden is thriving. I have planted runner beans, onions, potatoes, radishes, sunflowers, strawberries. The garden also boasts (they were planted before we arrived) a plum tree, an apple tree and a pear tree. Now that we have cleared the garden these trees stand a chance of producing some fruit this year. I'm looking forward to learning some preserving techniques later in the year!

Must dash, got a Mentalist date with my favourite man :)