The worst thing about being a mum...

Is taking your baby to have injections. I took Ruth for her second lot of jabs this morning, and at least I did better this time. Last time, I cried before the nurse even got the needle out! But Ruth, bless her, screamed and screamed. She screamed for the first jab, and then switched to her 'I can't believe you are still not meeting my need' crying scream, which just breaks my heart. Its like she's saying 'I'm in so much pain and yet you add more to it?!' Its the cry I get when I mistake her hungry cry for a nappy change cry, or her 'cuddle me I'm tired' from her 'put me in my cot because I am tired' cry.

I don't think it helped that she was due a nap around the time of the appointment, so the extra pain tipped her over the edge. But as soon as she had the jab, I had her dressed and back in the pram, she was asleep as we left the doctors. And that was 2 hours ago and she is still sleeping. I guess its what she needs, but she is going to wake absolutely starving. So I have finished the ironing, done a load of washing, had lunch and done some photography business work. I've also had time to read my blogs, which is a nice treat too.

I still perhaps should have swept the kitchen, tidied the bedroom and emptied the bins, but I thought I would take some time out. Goodness knows I get little enough of that!!!