I'm sure I should be doing something useful

But I am taking some time out for myself this morning as Ruth sleeps. Actually, I think she is talking to herself, but hopefully will fall back to sleep in a moment or two.

Last weekend would have been the first birthday of the baby we miscarried in 2007. I was doing ok until I had a walk around the garden with Hubby and saw the rose bush that we planted in the baby's memory, and I did have a bit of a wobble. But God blessed me in church on Sunday morning, which was the actual date. It was a dedication service for a lovely little baby girl, and the text that was used was Psalm 139. When I was pregnant with our first baby, I spent a lot of time reading and re-reading that particular psalm, especially the bit about God knowing all the days ordained for you, and knowing you in the womb. So that psalm has special significance for me, and to have it read out in church on Sunday was like God saying to me 'I've not forgotten about you or your baby'. I did shed a few tears last weekend, but I know that if we had had our first baby, we wouldn't have had Ruth, and she is gorgeous!